DigiZoid ZO2 Headphone Amplifier Review & Overview – A Bass Lover’s Delight

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Pros: Ultra portable, amazing bass contour settings, adds to the fullness of the SQ
Cons: Doesn’t drive well, fairly expensive, not as “clean” sounding as other amps out there

Packaging & Accessories: 7/10
Build Quality: 9/10
Design & Look: 9/10
Audio Quality: 9/10
Portability: 10/10
EMI (Interference with mobiles etc): 9/10 (higher rating means lower EMI)
Transparency (Plays same sound as source): 6/10 (higher rating means it’s close to the source)
Battery life: 8/10
Hissing: 8/10 (higher rating means lower hissing)
Value: 8/10
My final Rating: 10/10

Purchase Date: February 2012
Purchase Price: £72

ZO2 contents

If you are looking for a bass boosting amp – Look no further than the ZO2 – it really is the best portable amp I have had. When I mean portable, I really mean it. The thing is absolutely tiny, and almost unnoticeable.
I find the ZO2 serves its purpose well.
It is a “personal subwoofer”, but not only that, it adds to the “fullness” of your SQ.

That said, in comparison to its competitors, like the E11, the A10 – the ZO2 will sound a little more “muddy” and not as clean/lean sounding. It also is reasonably expensive – around double the price of the A10 & E11. I find that its main flaws are, its price, its “un-clean” sound, its gain settings.
For me, the gain settings are something that don’t really bother me, its “un-clean” sound is again something that isn’t the biggest issue for me, if I compare by A/Bing will I notice the difference – it isn’t night and day either and more so its pros outweigh its cons.

So, if you are looking for a truly portable amp, which in fact serves more as a bass booster, and adds a little fullness to the sound, then the ZO2 is a no brainer.
I would recommend this to anyone that has the budget and wants a decent/adjustable bass response.

I paid only $65 shipped for a ZO2v3, however I have to review it at the “going-rate” of $115.
However, it can now be bought from Top Dog Headphones for £80!

It measures approximately: 6.8x4x0.9cm

-Ultra portable, and very lightweight
-Amazing bass contour levels – adds a lot of bass if needs be -> literally as they say “your portable sub woofer”
-1 button does it all, which I find very convenient – adjust volume, gain settings, bass contours, on/off switch (can be seen either way as a pro or a con)
-LED light is nice (again can be taken both ways)
-Low EMI

-1 button does it all, adjust volume, gain settings, bass contours, on/off switch (can be seen either way as a pro or a con)
-LED light is nice (again can be taken both ways)
-Sound is a little more muddy, in comparison to the E11 -> not as clean
-Does not drive well at all on low gain – if anything it decreases the overall volume from source (high gain solves it, but still)

Some pictures of it!
Model used was Chimp 😛


Here is my video review of it!

Go check out Their website


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4 thoughts on “DigiZoid ZO2 Headphone Amplifier Review & Overview – A Bass Lover’s Delight

  1. GN-0015

    Dude, I heard that Atrio won’t benefit from an amplifier so does this amplifier work with your Atrio? I’m planning to get either the ZO2 or the Ibasso D-Zero.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hi there,

      I find the ZO2 actually complements the MG7’s brilliantly.
      Gives them a little warmer sound, with a more fullness sounding earphone, and more so adds some mid-bass where needed :)!
      I can’t live without the combo atm!

  2. matt

    hi there thanks for all the review…. i read on one of your reviews that you use a sound enhancement app on your galaxy…. cannot find the post anywhere now… can you let me know what it is? My second fiio amp has died and I am waiting to get the ZO2 but wanted to get the app you reccomend for my iphone thanks matt


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